Travel Writer

For over 8 years, Joe has been traversing the great British landscape in search of the wild and wonderful in both rural and urban environments. His unique way of assessing each new location involves ‘levelling the playing field’, giving small hamlets as much of a chance to impose themselves as international cities. Using travel as a gradual means to expand his grounded philosophies, he has also travelled into Europe and plans to broaden his horizons much further in due course.

Being passionate about record-keeping, Joe uses a variety of methods to keep track of his travels. One such method is My Maps, by Google. A comprehensive, up-to-date overview of his life’s exploration can be seen below (please note that at certain zoom levels, pinpoints can seem ‘off’ from their true position).

In 2017 Joseph became a contributor to the Travel Pocket Guide, a sister publication to the award-winning Student Pocket Guide. A list of his contributions can be found below:

Images ยฉJoseph Rogers.


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